JC Productions Joseph Conforti


"Enthusiastic and dedicated, you will always be remembered in the Ford family as the finest team that we ever knew."

President Gerald Ford


"I enjoyed doing the commercial. . . you were a big help to me, and I will always be grateful."


Tom Lasorda
Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers


"You made an extremely difficult task look easy. The spots are beautiful, and my client is very pleased."


Brian Puig
Executive Producer, Ogilvy & Mather, Italy


"Thanks for all your help during the New York Telephone shoot. It was nice working with you. I hope I can call you a friend."


Dr. Joyce Brothers


"Your Don Q Rum commercials have been extremely well received."


David Minear
Creative Director, Young & Rubicam, Puerto Rico


"I was particularly impressed with your cameo use of working scientists. As I watched your patient, intensive, inspiring and creative labors turn each of these specialists into a confident and personable presenter, I came to appreciate that directing is indeed an art."


Charles Boyle
Manager, Educational Programs
Earth Sciences Directorate
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


"My special thanks to you for the Tournament of Champions commercial. Congratulations for a job well done."


Lamar Hunt
World Championship Tennis


"J.C., you outdid yourself on Top Job, and on budget, too."


Chris Pollock
ACD, Saatchi & Saatchi

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